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Angeline Lam, DDS, FICOI

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Dr. Angline Lam - Dentist in Sacramento, CA

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Dr. lam has been practicing dentistry in the Sacramento and Davis area for almost 30 years and focuses on providing you and your family the best dental care.

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In order to have a healthy mouth, the teeth, bone and supporting structure, soft tissues, oral muscles, and jaw joints need to work in harmony with each other.

We are here to help you find the cause of the problem instead of masking the symptoms:

  • We are trained to restore a simple filling, a crown to a more complex cases involving many missing or worn teeth
  • We can help you redesign your smile to bring out the beauty of your natural, and unique feature
  • We will help you understand different options
  • We use the diagnostic casts (models) to show how your smile will look like.
  • These models are carefully taken, with 3-dimension records, to reproduce the pattern of your chewing system.
  • We use these working models to communicate with you. This will help us understand what you want, and you see how the result could be. We will work together to finalize your smile.